bike in the snow in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Bike and snow

Bike and snow may seem incompatible at a first look, but thanks to the partnership between Scuola Sci Dolomiti and E-Bike Dolomiti, some technical devices, and a fat-bike, it is possible to enjoy the mountains in a unique and emotional way. The new partnership with E-bike Dolomites gives the opportunity, also to untrained people, to have a ride on beautiful paths uphill and for lengths that have been unthinkable so far. The electric bike (more exactly “pedal assisted bike”) enables the driver to decide the intensity of the strength he needs to apply. We have the right bike for you, whether you need it on the streets or on the trails. We have what you need, including the new “FAT BIKE”. Its tyres, equipped with a powerful electric engine, enable to drive on any surface, including snow and sand surfaces.

The fat-bike is a very special bike, strengthened and reinforced to endure the stress caused to a biker by an unusual surface like snow. Tours and group day-trips through suggestive itineraries are organised in Cortina, during which you can enjoy the mountain landscape from a very unusual and special point of view. The snowy peaks, the walks on snow-shoes, the woods, and the fauna suddenly appear at your fingertips riding on your fat-bike. It is perfect for fun-sports activities that are increasingly making their ways among tourists and mountain lovers.

Riding the bike in the snow is possible! The fat-bike, thanks to E-bike Dolomiti, offers an alternative to pass through the mountains on a bike.

The beauty of the Dolomites, in total safety

fat bike cortina

Riding the bike in the snow is now safe, thanks to the technical-mechanical characteristics of the fat-bike. They have powerful wheels, some also cogged wheels, equipped with 5-inch thick tyres, able to cross any surface.

The biker equipment in the snow ensures safe fun: helmet, sunglasses for wind protection, thermal tracksuit, boots suitable for pedaling, and first aid devices to wear on your wrist to give immediate alarm in case of need. The equipment is provided together with the e-bike rental.

The snow bike has a peculiar frame, which easily adapts to moderate cruising-speeds and to the higher speeds reached downhill, maintaining an excellent balance while you enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dolomites.

Something worth trying

Riding a bike in the snow is something worth trying, both for veterans and newbies. You don’t need any special physical preparation, only your want to pedal in the snow.

The group experience is going to be exciting, you will ride through new paths, enjoying the mountain breeze on you face.

If you’re ready to leave for a vacation on the Dolomites, we recommend to book your e-bike in advance on the website, and, don’t forget to include your friends on the paths through the Dolomites, passing by Cortina d’Ampezzo, living the mountains with new enthusiasm. You have plenty of choices between natural, gastronomy, and cultural themed trips.

Riding the bike on the snow will give you the opportunity to discover the organic-food routes, from traditional crops to the natural products of this amazing land.


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