dolomiti ski school

The beauty of skiing on the Dolomites

To admire the beauty of Dolomites equals to have a look to a real and amazing spectacle of nature and for doing it there’s a privileged way of seeing things and that means on ski. The Dolomiti Ski School was thought not only for beginners,but also for children,boys and the events that involve the company team.

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The offer so is very variegated and goes towards customer’s need,to please in anything and to pander until to spoil. Also who is more demanding will affirm that the organization of the Dolomiti

Ski School is the best to choose.

The ski school for children and boys

Children learn fast and this is advantage respect the acquisition of techniques to have safety and responsibility for skiing. The ski teachers are professionals that know how to induce learning with fun, without loading the children and the boys with anxiety, but creating familiar atmosfere that makes all the participants warn an air of hospitality and cheerfulness.

There are even no problems neither with boys or children coming from abroad because the teachers are polyglots. In the Dolomiti Ski School everyone can learn to play and have fun with snow, but also to socialize and experiment maybe for the first time the momentary detachment from the parents that are quiet, because they can entrust them in good hands. In the Dolomiti Ski School there are children from 5 to 8 years old and they could experiment a totally new method of approach where the knowledge of mix fun and relax were only the mountains and the snow can give. In this school you grow up together, you get responsible and most of you have fun. The same is also for the boy’s sector where to learn quickly how to go on the ski with amaze of their parents.

Adult learning to ski

The Dolomiti Ski School obviously reserves also some courses for adults willing to try to move in casual way on snow. Usually the arch of time for learning to ski is of 6 lessons, so we could make it also in 3-4 days and this means that it isn’t so difficult. The thing that must be remembered, and this is the motivation for which it’s essential to trust in ski teachers, are the rules of safety to know and respect, but also the clothing to wear to prevent any kind of accidents. The prevention is the most important recommendation which is made before going on ski and only after seizing these aspects we could be ready to live the mountains in all their beauty and sensation of freedom.

Organization of the holiday to the last detail

The Dolomiti Ski School hasn’t limit to organize just and only courses for teaching to ski, but also the holiday in mountain on all levels. The aim is to make unique the stay at Cortina because it’s possible to personalize in minimum details. All the guests will feel like at home and maybe better because the Dolomiti Ski School will take care of the travel organisation, to book the hotel, the rental equipment, but will think of days dedicated for culture leaving you to visit also the artistical cities of Veneto. For the professional skiers the school will provide to obtain the sky pass for all the dolomitic district. If instead the Dolomiti Ski School will be chosen by a corporate team building, from a professional office or from a workteam,will be equipped a quote detailed and illustrated all the organization reserved to this particular customer sector.

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