This group is one of our crown jewels: innovative, modern, up to date. We have created and standardized a new method of teaching to make immediate technical and natural progression to combine fun, learning and safety. The kids see us as friends, parents are delighted by the results and the health care system thank us! The special relationship that is established, even far from the slopes, will be leading to a total trust, to see a reference in the master and a friend. The course combines the best in entertainment with the growth of children in all aspects: sporty, emotional, responsibility and respect for themselves, for others, for nature.


The holistic method derived from the best educational experiences of pre-schools and reported in sports, offers the child an opportunity for emotional growth, facilitating the separation from parents and the achievement of self-confidence. The teacher does not “teach” but helps to bring out “the skier inside of him”, respecting his time and making the right atmosphere to let him feel protected. This will bring the child to the maximum sport level having fun. Difficulties will be halved following the “Method A Baby”. We will share our experiences with the Montessori School in Cortina. The “small” BEGINNERS COURSES (about two hours per day), suggested for 5-year-olds and up, offer the opportunity to gain autonomy one step at a time, gently.



Enjoy the snow all-out H. 9:00 \ 15:30 – From the silver level to the national team! The boys reach the instructor with the free bus of the School and the tribe can begin; every day they will be skiing on different slopes, included two excursions in the localities closed of Cortina. Technique, fresh snow, freeride and snow parks: everything you need to become a complete skier. A mid-day break in one of the many shelters, where you socialize and have the opportunity to introduce some important concepts for a healthy diet. The afternoon is more playful, where the sport becomes a game and you can try new frontiers of skiing as the free-style with jumps and obstacles: to become complete skiers, more confident and aware of your body. The children will be taken back home not too late for any school homework. According to parents and children on the last day we will compete in various ski races, followed by the awards ceremony, the presentation of awards of merit and a few surprises that will leave the kids the most beautiful memory of their vacation in Cortina.


The early bird catches the worm H.9:15\13:00 These are the courses with the greatest technical content, dedicated to 6 to 8 year-olds – which should increase the technique of skiing – or bronze levels of all ages. Kids are brought from the school team to the slopes where the instructor is waiting for them and at the end of the lessons they are handed over to their parents on the slopes. By mid-morning there will be a break for refreshments and socializing with teachers and classmates. Instructors will record videos and photos to help children understand everything about their skiing. At the end of the course dinner in the shelters, awards ceremony and certificates to commemorate the holiday in Cortina, being part of the “Yellow Tribe” with a warm goodbye until next year, maybe in the fun of the DAY COURSES.


I Know how to Ski H.10:00\12:30 These courses are reserved for the first steps on the snow, usually for children at least 5 year-olds, but also useful for anyone who wants to look out over the landscape slopes. A single caveat: you won’t stop anymore! As soon as you reach an appropriate level you will be moved to an advanced course (if you want).